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Frequently Asked Questions

Since promotional products can be used alone, or integrated with other media, there are virtually limitless ways to use them. Popular programs are business gifts; employee relations; orientation programs; corporate communications; and, at trade shows to generate booth traffic.

They're also effective for dealer/distribution programs; co-op programs; company stores; generating new customers or new accounts; nonprofit fundraising; public awareness campaigns; and for promotion of brand awareness and brand loyalty. Other uses include employee incentive programs; new product or service introduction; and marketing research for survey and focus group participants.

What kinds of promotional products are available?
There are literally tens of thousands of different types and styles of promotional products. In many cases, it's even possible to obtain custom items that aren't found in any catalog. Examples of common items include: pens, calendars, T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, calculators, key chains, desk accessories and bumper stickers.

How large is the promotional products industry?
Advertisers spent more than $17.8 billion in 2000 on products purchased through professional promotional products distributors.

What products are the most popular?

  1. Wearables: Aprons, uniforms, blazers, headwear, jackets, neckwear, footwear, etc.
  2. Writing Instruments: Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, etc.
  3. Desk/Office/Business Accessories: Briefcases, folders, desk pen sets, calculators, cubed paper, etc.
  4. Bags: Totebags, shopping bags, satchels, gift bags, draw-string bags, cosmetic bags etc.
  5. Calendars: Wall and wallet calendars, desk diaries, pocket secretaries, etc.
  6. Glassware/Ceramics: China, crystal, mugs, figurines, etc.
  7. Games/Toys/Playing Cards/Inflatables: Kites, balls, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc.
  8. Recognition Awards/Trophies/Jewelry/Clocks & Watches: Plaques, certificates, etc.
  9. Sporting Goods/Leisure Products/Travel Accessories: Picnic/party products, camping equipment, barbecue items, bar products, plastic cups, binoculars, luggage, passport cases, etc.
  10. Computer Products: Mouse pads, monitor frames, disk carriers, wrist pads, software, etc

How effective are Promotional Products?
Research Shows...
Recipients of promotional products remember the advertiser's name. A study by Schreiber & Associates (Peoria, IL) showed that 39 percent of the people receiving a promotional product could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it.

Promotional products are ideal for creating awareness among a selective audience. Southern Methodist University conducted a study to measure attendee awareness of product demonstrations in three university communities. They found that selective distribution of promotional products outpulled school newspaper advertising by two-to-one.

Promotional products, used as dimensionals in direct mail solicitations, can boost response rates by up to 75 percent, according to a study by Baylor University.

Customers reorder faster and more often when promotional products are used instead of coupons. In a study by Southern Methodist University, customers receiving promotional products reordered up to 18 percent sooner than those who received coupons and up to 13 percent sooner than those who received no promotion.

Promotional products effectively reinforce employee sales contests, too. A Baylor University study of month-long sales contests in retail establishments indicates that contests reinforced by periodic distribution of promotional products were cost-effective and outperformed non-stimulated contests by up to 50 percent.

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